Such long, painful affairs

I don’t know much about Paul Dacre. But I might be forgiven for hazarding a guess that he croons to Elton John’s classics when he’s got a rare moment to himself, when there’s nary a lowly reporter to wring and no scandals to milk.

My clue to this was hard to catch. But I thank my eagle eyes when I cast them across page 33 of his precious rag today (16 Sept 2009). A story barely 4, 5 lines long sat in the side column on the right. In its restive brevity, you could just sense a tad of grovel and reticence.

Edo Shonin and William Van Gordon
An article on May 25, 2007, ‘The Cult Guru Who Stole My Son’ made claims that William Van Gordon was a ‘brainwashed zombie’ and Edo Shonin brainwashed him and that the
Buddhist retreat which they ran was a cult. We accept this is untrue. We apologise to both men for the contrary impression given.

It was a long time coming – two years and nearly four months since the Mail first told the tall, mesmerising tale of William Van Gordon’s fall from grace. Such painful agonising poor Paul must have gone through all this time.

Sorry may seem to be the hardest word, yet Dacre had it in him after all.

But only for about eighteen hours. Mea culpas die quickly at Associated Newspapers.

[New edit – 21 September 2009] – The Daily Mail had to pay damages to Edo Shonin and William Van Gordon in addition to the printed apology, as Carter-Ruck is only too pleased to announce. Perhaps it was this financial blot on their copybook that they were eager to erase.


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