Liz Sutherland is Bolo Santosi

UPDATE (11 April 2010): It is true – Liz Sutherland is indeed the voiceover talent for Bolo Santosi.

She confirmed this in an interview with the Straits Times, which also revealed that the London-based actress is a Singapore-born Eurasian, with Chinese-Scottish parentage.

Read the interview here, as published in the 10 April edition of the newspaper’s Life! section.

And you’re welcome.

ORIGINAL POST (4 April 2010)

I think I’ve figured it out.

You know, the identity of the person who gave voice and life to Panau’s Boudica and stirred a storm in the gaming world with her unique enunciation of the English language.

This is my proof.

The list of voiceover talent in Just Cause 2 is available here on YouTube. On that list, only two are female – Liz Sutherland and Haruka Kuroda (and yes, I’ve checked, especially the unisex names). Presuming that Bolo’s voice talent is listed in the credits (which is a safe bet since they wouldn’t dare leave out the person behind the l33der of the revolutionary army known as the ‘Reapers’), she must be one of the two.

Haruka Kuroda voiced the character Jade. This is stated in her CV, which you can see here.

This leaves us with Liz Sutherland. Sounds improbable at first, but with a little snooping it appears totally plausible.

Liz Sutherland is an Asian actor based in Britain, who does theatre, film, television and radio. Here’s a short bio. Her stage credits include Ramia/Venus in Gallathea (Kings Head Theatre), The Chinese Woman in The Letter (Wyndhams Theatre). She has worked on BBC television and radio programmes, and appeared in films.

How do I know this particular Liz Sutherland is the voice actress that is listed in the credits? I’m speculating, of course, based on what circumstantial evidence I could find. Don’t take it to court, but I would say it looks pretty good. She’s Asian (maybe Chinese, it isn’t clear) and she has got plenty of acting experience across theatre, film, television and, most importantly, radio. She is based in the UK, which also fits the puzzle – the voiceover recording for Just Cause 2 was done at Side UK, probably at its central London studio.

So, by elimination, Liz Sutherland is Bolo Santosi. I know what you’re thinking. After all that speculation about her being some reasonably famous Singaporean thespian (names like Irene Ang, Selena Tan, Neo Swee Lin have been offered), this is a bit of a letdown.

Swell, reality is often just that.


~ by spiegel2071 on April 4, 2010.

12 Responses to “Liz Sutherland is Bolo Santosi”

  1. i would guess being in britain, she would have married an english man. most of the professional actors/actresses in singapore have had training in british theatre, which usually explains why they tend to sound alike.

    thats my two cents tho.

  2. this is rather amusing

    • Hi Jamie, seeing that you have decidedly authoritative insider knowledge, would you be able to confirm or correct this and definitively put this to bed?

  3. […] that its Liz Sutherland, though I was personnally thinking it was Neo Swee Lin before this. Liz Sutherland is Bolo Santosi Measured musings __________________ ♥ BUNNY HOOD & BODYLINE PRINCESS SKIRT ♥ ♥ GLB & […]


    Voice match

  5. you’re absolutely correct though, check 10 april’s ST life page 4!

  6. Thanks j for the heads up. I’ve updated the post.

  7. Is she wearing a Singapore Girl uniform in that news article? (the vg character, not the actress)

  8. It must have been an inspiration for the character designers, at the very least. Ha.


  10. […] a while now, and @greyskies just informed me that her daily tabloid reading had informed her that Bolo Santosi is played by Liz Sutherland, a half-Singaporean living in the […]

  11. The voice acting of Bolo Santosi is so horrible. The accent sounds like a retarded Jamaican

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