An Audi – this season’s must-have criminal accessory

The Straits Times, dutifully following up on the ongoing Romanian diplomat hit-and-run saga, ran a story Friday (16 April) detailing the latest on Dr Silviu Ionescu and the status of his diplomatic immunity.

All is fair and well with the piece, which revealed that Singapore’s Foreign Affairs ministry had issued a statement declaring that the former Romanian charge d’affaires could not claim diplomatic immunity as he was not on official duty when the hit-and-run incident took place.

But readers with a keen eye for the ‘bigger picture’ might have picked up on something else across the page.

Splashed across the opposing page was a joint OCBC Bank and Robinsons advertisement for their lucky draw offer. The prize – an Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TFSI quattro. Swanky stuff. Fit for a diplomat.

As it were, Dr Ionescu is particularly well-acquainted with Audi’s line of sleek saloon cars, although his ability to drive them is rather suspect. The coroner certainly thought so, having determined that the ex-envoy was behind the wheel of the Romanian embassy’s Audi A6 when it was involved in the 15 December hit-and-run accidents.

An incredible coincidence that slipped through the dragnet of editorial scrutiny? Probably. Perhaps the work of a paginator or night editor with an ironic sense of humour? Tsch. Too soon, too soon.

Close-up images of the story and advert:


~ by spiegel2071 on April 16, 2010.

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